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Interior trends 2023-2024

2023-07-20 11:56:01

It's time to return active decor, collages, ornaments and juicy color to interior design.

1. Sustainable Design: In recent years, more and more people have become conscious consumers and pay attention to sustainability and environmental friendliness. This will also be reflected in the interiors, where natural and recycled materials, energy-efficient systems and thoughtful use of resources will be preferred.

2. Minimalism and functionality: Simple and functional interiors will remain popular. Furniture and decor will be subordinated to the idea of convenience and practicality, which will create clean and cozy spaces.

3. Natural elements: Inspiration from nature and natural elements will be in demand in interior design. Plants, wooden furniture, stone and organic textures will accentuate the natural beauty.

4. Technological solutions: Taking into account the rapid development of technology, smart home items will be increasingly integrated into the interior. Smart lighting, automation and smart devices will become commonplace.

5. Geometric patterns: Abstract geometric patterns on wallpaper, textiles and decorative elements will give the interiors a modern and stylish look.

6. Saturated colors: Instead of neutral shades, bright and saturated colors such as deep blue, dark green, coral and terracotta will be popular.

7. Art elements: Art, especially modern and abstract, will play an important role in interior design. Paintings, sculptures and other works of art will become bright accents in the space.

8. Eclecticism: Mixing styles and elements from different eras will continue to gain popularity, which will allow you to create unique and original interiors.

Note that trends in the interior may vary depending on the region, cultural characteristics and personal preferences. To keep abreast of current trends, it is recommended to follow specialized magazines, design blogs and exhibitions in the interior design industry. Decorating and furnishing your home is a lifelong process reflecting personal experiences, preferences and changes.


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