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Refinement and elegance of the French style

2023-08-14 14:21:59

When we think of Provence, we see sunny lavender fields, cozy rural streets and the aromas of Mediterranean herbs. Provence style in the interior is an opportunity to create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth and harmony in your home. Let's talk about the basic elements of this style and how to bring it to life.

Color scheme: pastel and sunny shades

Colors play a key role in the Provence style. The main palettes include pastel shades: pale lavender, blue, sand, mint and pale pink. They create an atmosphere of tenderness and romance. Don't forget also the sunny shades inspired by the bright sunny days of Provence: yellow, orange and gold.

Furniture: simplicity and elegance

Provence-style furniture is the epitome of simplicity and elegance. The characteristic elements are wooden curved legs, elegant carved details and soft shapes. Wooden furniture can be either natural color or covered with soft pastel shades.

Textiles: prints and textures

Choosing textiles for the interior in Provence style, do not hesitate to apply prints. They may include floral patterns, stripes, cage-to-cage and other motifs inspired by nature and rural life. Textiles can also be enriched with texture to create a sense of comfort. Lace and macrame are ideal elements for adding sophistication to the interior.

Decor: Simple Treasures

The decor is the final touch in the Provence style. It is characterized by elements that create a sense of mysterious romance: clay pots with flowers, antique porcelain figurines, metal lamps with a slightly worn surface, wooden photo frames. These can be simple treasures that will breathe the spirit of Provence into your home.

Bottom Line: Create An Atmosphere Of Provence

Provence style in the interior is an ode to simplicity and natural beauty, a reflection of sophistication and elegance. Embodying this style in your home, you will create an atmosphere of comfort and peace, and every touch, every detail will remind you of sunny days in beautiful French Provence.


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