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How often should you update your renovation

2023-07-24 12:47:49

The frequency of renovation updates in an apartment depends on several factors, including the degree of wear of materials, the personal preferences of the apartment owner and the overall level of care for the room. Usually apartment renovation can be divided into several levels that should be considered:

1. Minor cosmetic repairs: Includes painting walls and ceilings, replacing wallpaper, updating floor coverings, etc. Usually, such repairs are recommended to be carried out approximately once every 3-5 years or when noticeable damage and scuffs are found on the finishing materials.

2. Medium repair: This repair can include the replacement of old plumbing, remodeling the kitchen, updating the wiring and other more complex work. Such repairs are usually recommended to be carried out every 7-10 years, since during this time the main systems and elements of the apartment may wear out.

3. Major repairs: This is a complete replacement of finishing, reconstruction of premises, possibly redevelopment of the apartment. Major repairs are carried out every 15-20 years or, if necessary, significant changes in the design and functionality of the apartment.

However, it is worth remembering that these are general recommendations, and the individual conditions of each apartment may differ. If you care about your apartment, repairs can be carried out earlier to maintain a fresh and tidy appearance of the room. It is also important to take into account the quality of materials and work carried out during the previous repair, as this may affect the strength and durability of the finish.


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