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Warm minimalism.

2023-08-31 11:26:35

      In a world saturated with a constant flow of information and objects, the idea of minimalism is becoming more and more relevant. But what if we tell you that there is a warmer and quieter version of this philosophy? Welcome to the world of warm minimalism, where reduction does not mean deprivation, but brings harmony, comfort and joy.

What is warm minimalism?

Warm minimalism is an evolution of classical minimalism, where simplification and rejection of excesses are combined with natural textures, a warm color palette and cozy accents. Instead of cold asceticism, we create a space that invites us to relax and enjoy the moment.

1. Conscious choice of topic

The key word in warm minimalism is "conscientiousness". Instead of craving an abundance of things, we focus on what is really important to us. Each item in your home has its own history and practical application. By giving up unnecessary things, you free up space for really valuable items.

2. Warm color palette

The basis of warm minimalism is color. Shades of neutral colors, such as beige, sand, soft gray and muted pastel tones, create an atmosphere of comfort and peace. These colors can be used for walls, furniture and decorative elements.

3. Natural textures and materials

Wood, flax, wool and vegetable fibers are natural materials that give your space warmth and organicity. Furniture and decorative items made of natural materials not only look great, but also create a sense of proximity to nature.

4. Minimum decor, maximum air

Warm minimalism does not mean that you should completely get rid of the decor. On the contrary, he calls for moderation. Choose several high-quality and significant elements that will emphasize your style and create a harmonious space. Open shelves and empty surfaces also play an important role in creating visual comfort.

5. Functionality and convenience

In warm minimalism, furniture and decorations should be functional and comfortable. Ergonomic sofas, chairs with soft cushions, tables with a comfortable surface for storing things - all this helps to create an atmosphere in which beauty is combined with practicality.

Thus, warm minimalism is a conscious choice, a balance between comfort and aesthetics. This philosophy invites us to focus on the important things in life, surround ourselves with beauty and create a harmonious space in which we can find inspiration and peace.


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