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Loft Style.

2023-08-02 08:09:27

For people who need space, lots of air, freedom of movement, the loft style or its final interpretation — industrial is ideal.

The meaning of the English word Loft is an attic, a room upstairs, the upper floor itself. This word began to designate a new interior style quite recently, although it originated in the first half of the twentieth century in New York, in the Factory district of Manhattan. Poor artists, musicians, and artists began to paint the buildings of non-working workshops and workshops as studios. Now an apartment in the loft style is considered only elite and is no longer suitable for the poor ancestors of this style.

The main elements of the style:

* Free layout of a large area without unnecessary walls and partitions.

* High ceilings.

* Careless or unfinished wall decoration, an abundance of visible building structures - brickwork, concrete.

* Vintage recordings. The loft interior should include: fireplaces, industrial-style staircases, furniture with characteristic details from the last century, lamps.

* Lack of bright colors. Workshops and workshops have never been distinguished by the brightness of the design. But light colors are always preferable to dark ones. The rooms should be well lit.

* The use of natural materials-wood, metal, glass, brick, concrete, fabric. There is no plastic, film and other chemicals.There are a huge number of design options for apartments and buildings in this style. But not everything needs to follow the rules. To get an unusual, stylish, individual design, it is enough to give the necessary elements of the loft to a separate room or part of the room. Photos of the loft-style interior made in modern apartments can be found on the Internet.

For example, there are options for giving the walls an industrial style-remove the finish, expose the supporting structures, accidentally plaster or cover with light paint. The floor is decorated with an "old" board or parquet.

If possible, engineering networks are exposed on the ceiling – ventilation ducts, electricians. Now there is a large selection of electrical wiring on the market that imitates old wires and connectors.

Furniture, doors, windows are furnished with accessories in industrial or antique style. Sliding or sliding doors with bare metal mechanisms are suitable for the loft style.

Anyone who wants to give individuality and creativity to the design of their apartment or house will be able to use loft style elements.

Not all rooms are suitable for the implementation of the planned project. The development of the housing stock in our country was carried out taking into account mass character, not individuality. Therefore, you will need an attic-type room, or a penthouse, or your own private house. Now you know the answer to the question"What is an attic".

There are practically no isolated rooms in the loft interior. The space is zoned very conditionally according to the principle of functionality. It is this open layout that is the hallmark of the style.

The main features of the loft design are:

The openness of the space, the absence of load-bearing partitions; high ceilings, sometimes above ten meters; an area exceeding hundreds of thousands of square meters.

Color solutions can be very diverse. If there is a lot of light in the room, then you can use any color scheme: both light tones and bright juicy ones. If there is a lack of natural light, light shades should be avoided. They will make the room gray and boring. The best solution is to use bright and juicy tones.

Transformer furniture, both original and spatially resolved: sofas of broken shape; chairs and hangers on wheels, ready to move to any point of the interior; large panoramic windows.

The decor elements are eclectic: plastic and natural wood, stainless steel and fur, expensive fabrics and synthetics.

Features: Metal as a fashionable accent. Cast-iron bathtubs, massive vintage radiators, metal shelving, metal bed legs.

 The Council

Floors should have a "history": matt wood, aged and painted wood, concrete and slate, self-leveling floor. Rhythmic drawings that emphasize large spaces. The color scheme varies from light bleached shades to deep dark. The color can be any-both natural and colored, the main thing is that the floor does not look new.


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