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Interior design in Virtual reality: how VR is changing the future of homes and offices

2023-09-14 08:19:02

         Virtual reality (VR) penetrates into all spheres of our life, and interior design was no exception. In this blog, we'll explore how VR has changed the interior design approach, what benefits it provides, and what potential prospects it opens up for homes, offices, and other spaces.

1. Visualization before incarnation

One of the main problems in interior design was that customers and designers had different ideas about what the final result would be like. VR allows you to create three-dimensional isual images that con EY as accurately as possible how the interior will look after the implementation of the design project. This helps customers better understand the concept and make more informed decisions.

2. Virtual tours and reviews

With VR, it is possible to create virtual tours at home or in the office before the actual construction or renovation begins. This allows you to explore every corner of the room, evaluate the location of furniture, choose colors and materials.

3. Evaluation of space and effectiveness of use

VR also helps to assess space and its potential for more efficient use. Designers can easily change the configuration of the room, move walls and furniture to find the best option. This is especially useful in the design of office spaces and commercial facilities.

4. Improved collaboration

VR facilitates collaboration between designers, customers and builders. All interested parties can meet in the virtual environment, discuss the project and make real-time changes. This reduces misunderstandings and speeds up the decision-making process.

5. Durability and durability

The use of VR in interior design provides a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. Virtual prototypes and models allow you to assess the impact of design on the environment, which helps to minimize waste and choose more energy-efficient solutions.

The result

Virtual reality makes interior design more accessible, accurate and interactive. This technological advance opens up new opportunities for designers, customers and builders and promotes more sustainable and sustainable interior design. Unsurprisingly, VR is increasingly entering this field and becoming an integral part of future homes and offices.


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