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Geometry and asymmetry in the interior

2023-08-01 14:27:37

Asymmetry and environmental friendliness as the main trends 2023

New year is new trends. This year, minimalism in White will be replaced by bright colors, prints and original forms.What to add to your decor this year to be a Trend? We will talk about this today in our material

1. Stained glass windows. 

2023 cannot be called simple in interior design. This year, designers recommend abandoning simplicity and using brighter prints, geometric patterns and all kinds of color combinations.The new trend has actively entered the design of showers and interior partitions. Experts advise not to use monophonic partitions, but to replace them with multi-colored stained-glass windows. Also, similar decorative compositions are used in the design of windows and doors.

2. Asymmetric carpets.

2023 is the year of avant-garde products. And first of all, it will manifest itself in textile design. For example, designers recommend choosing an asymmetrical rug rather than a standard one. And this does not apply to the pattern on the carpet, but to its shape.Buying a carpet of the wrong shape is one of the easiest ways to update your interior, make it original without Redevelopment and renovation.

3. Egyptian motifs.

They became popular after the opening of the Tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. And now, after a century, such a trend is back in fashion. The Egyptian style cannot be embodied in absolutely any room, but you can add its elements to any interior.These can be stylized patterns, ocher, clay, gilding, hieroglyphs. A small number of such details will easily fit into even the most restrained interior.

4. Combination of patterns.

In 2023, there is no need to decorate the interior in just one color. If you want your room to have a special character, try creating a mix of paintings.By painting the walls in different colors, you can also easily zoning the room. This method is ideal for apartments or houses where the kitchen is combined with the living room.

5. Environmental friendliness.

Today, environmentally friendly materials are in trend. Such material as mycelium (decor is made from it) and wool of Hardwick sheep will be popular in the new year. But leather products are slowly going out of fashion.Instead, designers recommend using vegan alternatives like pinatex. It is a new skin substitute made from pineapple fibers. Recently, it has been used quite often in the manufacture of furniture for the home.

Geometry in the interior: the magic of lines and angles in motion

Over the years, geometry in interior design does not lose its relevance, and there are several reasons for this. This is primarily due to the cyclicality of fashion, and in recent years we see how popularity has returned to Styles in the middle of the last century, when bright and catchy geometric shapes were in fashion.

The influence of modern trends can be seen in the desire of designers for muted and restrained color shades. Be that as it may, geometry is expressive primitivism and simplification of the overall picture, which immediately attracts attention. It can also be said that there is a certain symbolism in geometry that embodies the mathematical laws of the world, which makes geometric motifs attractive over the years.

Check out some uses of geometric shapes and prints that have become very popular in recent times.

Geometry when finishing furniture facades

Geometric shapes are often used to give the facades of cabinets and cabinets a harmonious look. The use of such design elements implies the presence of contrasting colors or geometric elements in a more restrained style, for example, in one color, but with different textures and expressive asymmetry. The use of geometry when finishing furniture facades allows you to create stylish and modern interior elements that can attract attention.

Geometry with 3D effect

In most cases, methods of using volumetric geometric shapes are used on wallpaper or laid on the walls with special tiles. Thanks to carefully verified transitions of light and dark tones, as well as the creation of shadows in certain places, it is possible to obtain a volumetric image.

Simple geometry for furniture and lamps

It's no secret that architecture is based on geometry, so simple forms of interior elements such as cabinets, tables, chairs, lamps add brightness and expressiveness to the image. This is most noticeable if you carefully monitor the observance of harmony in proportions. Bright examples of use in the interior of laconic and at the same time minimalistic geometric shapes are lamps in the form of balls or cubes, pyramid tables, poufs in the form of cubes, coffee tables in the form of hexagons, etc.


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