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Flower garden decoration - Interior design

2023-08-09 13:27:09

    The design of a flower garden in the garden is a creative process that depends on your preferences, the style of the garden and the available space. Here are some ideas on how to beautifully decorate a flower garden in the garden:

1. Location Selection:

Choose a well-lit place in the garden where the plants will get enough sunlight. Also take into account soil conditions and humidity.

2. Composition planning:

Before planting, make a plan of the flower garden composition. Place plants of different heights, textures and colors so as to create an interesting and harmonious appearance.

3.Color palette:

Choose a color palette for your flower garden. You can choose contrasting colors for brightness or more pastel for tenderness. Also consider the seasonality of flowering of different plants.

4.Layers and Textures:

Use plants with different leaf and flower textures to create visual layers. This will add depth and interest to your flower garden.

5. Flowering and deciduous plants:

Include both flowering plants (flowers) and deciduous (bushes, ornamental grasses) in the flower garden. This will create a visual variety and will look interesting even after the end of flowering.

6. Zoning:

Divide the flower garden into zones with different types of plants. For example, the central part may be a zone of tall flowers, and the edges may be a zone of stunted plants.

7. Ways and discounts:

Add small paths or paths between the flower beds for ease of maintenance and so that you can enjoy the flower garden while walking through it.

8. Accents and focal points:

Add some focal points such as statues, fountains, decorative elements to attract attention and give the garden a unique character.

9. Care and maintenance:

Remember that the design of the flower garden requires care. Properly water, feed the plants and remove faded flowers and dried leaves.

10. Experiments:

Don't be afraid to experiment. Creating a flower garden is a creative process, and you can change it according to your wishes and preferences.

Remember that the main thing is to create a garden that brings joy and pleasure to you and your guests.


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