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French style in the interior.

2023-07-31 10:41:54

French style in the interior

The French style is great, you can't argue. It evokes thoughts of rich splendor and luxury in the interior space.When creating a project, various stylistic elements are applied: Empire, baroque, classic, modern. The palace of Versailles seemed to move into an apartment or house, inspired new ideas and gave royal pride in the dazzling designs embodied in the apartment. Today we will tell you more about the style itself and its field of application.

A little about the history of style

For anyone who loves romanticism, a mix of simple and sophisticated, the French style is the perfect option. The style itself originated in the middle of the 17th century. Even today it successfully competes with all other directions. It is important to note that this style has a number of nuances. One of them is French Provence. It is most often used in the design of country mansions. But you can also successfully arrange an apartment for them. It will create a cozy, rustic atmosphere and tranquility.

A more simplified version of the style is distinguished by details, but the following remain unchanged: antiques, pretentious furniture compositions, decor of complex shapes. Textiles should fully correspond to the general mood in the room. If the budget is limited, designers advise not to get upset and use flea markets, where you can buy less expensive items. You can also use the patination technique, which will bring its own flavor. The features of the style are as follows: restrained, soft color palette, antiques and modern technique and comfort in the smallest details. Light walls, wooden parquet, stucco on the ceiling and cornices, the absence of contrasts are the characteristic features that the inhabitants of France bring.

Color gamma in the interior

The difference in this style direction is the presence of muted, pastel shades. Bright and catchy palettes are inappropriate here. Only natural shadows and accents. Designers use the following method: one main color and several shades darker/lighter, but close to the main color. The whole interior is built on this mixture. White, milky, light green, brown, caramel, peach, light pink, light yellow, gray and all derived shades are the most popular in this direction. Ceilings should be white and high. And a lot of light, desirable natural.

Decorating work 

Finishing directly depends on what project vision the owners and designers have. For an agreed design project, it is important to understand which style element laid the basis for the decoration. Professional decorators offer many solutions: apartments in a new house can be decorated by introducing classic and Renaissance elements with gilding, plaster and frescoes. The apartment in the old building is not radically transformed, but retains its originality. Ancient Parisian apartments have high ceilings, parquet, plaster everywhere. The new owners keep and maintain these elements. Let's talk more about finishing the main components of the interior.


Walls are often covered with matte coatings, gloss is inappropriate here. Paint or wallpaper-decide in consultation, based on preferences. You can simply paint them white, so the impression of additional volume will be created. It can be covered with gray, lavender, light blue flowers. Then they will attract all the attention to themselves and become the main element of the decor. If you use wallpaper, then you can take decorative rollers, and then cover them with special paint if you wish. If there are niches on the walls, they place Pictures, sculptures, flowers, lamps.


Parquet and once again parquet. If the floor lasts more than a year, you can try to preserve and repair it: you need to sand, replace damaged pieces and re-varnish everything. In this direction, such a floor is needed. In new buildings, it is possible to lay a parquet board, laminate of natural color. In the kitchen and bathroom, tiles with a mosaic pattern are laid.


For City apartments in the French style, the ceiling is plastered and finished. There is whitewashing and painting, stucco molding to match the ceiling, a large crystal chandelier in the center. Suspended, stretch ceilings are not welcome. If they still stop choosing on the stretch ceiling, it is best to install the matte, fabric version, preferably monophonic.

Decorating rooms in French

Living room

For a living room in this style, 2 factors must be taken into account: space and amount of light. It is difficult to imagine this option for small, small apartments with low ceilings. For French styling, you need enough space and maximum lighting. Natural light flowing through the famous windows envelops the living room. Lack of light disrupts the whole concept. Therefore, artificial lighting should partially compensate for street light. A large crystal chandelier and sconces will create the necessary conditions. Candlesticks and candles will add charm and embody movie scenes. Pastel, light shades are suitable for choosing colors. Furniture and accessories are also selected accordingly. Monophonic wall covering or wallpaper will not load the room. Here, designers recommend choosing a wallpaper pattern for old Calico fabric or using wallpaper, but with the most natural print. The whole situation should not be overloaded and crushed. The focus here should be on rich accessory patterns, small details, elegant tables and chairs. In the decoration of this direction, almost all materials are used: porcelain, wood, natural materials. Everything except plastic. Furniture is chosen wooden, antique. You can choose headphones that are woven or covered with fabric. For the floor, wooden parquet or porcelain tiles in light shades are suitable. The ceiling should remain white, it can be decorated with a wide cornice or a suitable plaster. Experts recommend placing the area around the fireplace in a dark gray color, if any. You can also shade a zone with tiles, figurines and other collectible elements. Speaking about the location of the furniture, it should be noted that there is a lot of it, and each item has its own purpose. Upholstered sofa / sofa and a pair of armchairs upholstered with monochromatic print or floral material. Small coffee table, objects with forged details and fireplace. The fireplace can be imitated, the picture itself is important. Fresh flowers in a luxurious vase will complement the living room. Curtains, pillows and a small handmade rug also complement the space well with French chic.


Many people want a piece of France in the bedroom. And this idea is quite easy to implement. Delicate, elegant, romantic, cozy bedroom invites you to plunge into the world of dreams and forget about all the worries of the past day. Many remarkable little things create a cozy nest. The main tones here are white, milky, Pearl, lavender, light lilac. Traditionally, they put a wooden bed with forged legs and have carved elements. The walls are covered with matte paint, there is no glossy gloss. You can try covering them with fabric. The ceiling is light in color, decorated with molding, molding or beams of natural shade, or painted in white. Large floor-to-ceiling windows saturate the room with light. It is possible to use mirrors in dark colored frames and other dark objects. But it should be harmoniously matched without a bright contrast. Wall lamps will perfectly emphasize the elegant atmosphere. Light, translucent silk or organza curtains work well for window decor. You should not choose fabrics with an abundance of patterns, and curtains that emphasize airiness and weightlessness are a good solution. It is also important not to overdo it with the pattern, everything should be in moderation. An excellent option for flooring will be the choice of material for wood, parquet, laminate, natural stone. Modern technologies have solved the issue of replacement and imitation, now you can choose coatings that imitate oak and other breeds. It is better to give preference to light shades. Decorators recommend using an attic room, if any, and arranging a bedroom there. Loneliness and distance from the hustle and bustle are sometimes very necessary. Textiles are selected in accordance with the overall palette.


The French-style kitchen is an antique set, but it is also possible to use patinated and aged furniture. Next to the window you can put a Berger-a deep armchair with high side walls. A sideboard for dishes called a dresser will fit well. Porcelain can exhibit rare specimens of silver. If the budget does not have a significant cost, you can always order artificially aged wooden furniture. Forged details and patterns on stained glass are indispensable elements of such a kitchen. All household appliances will easily fit behind cabinet doors. Gilded decor elements will emphasize the interior. But it is important not to overdo it. Otherwise, the screaming madness will come out. Caramel, beige, light coffee shades will restore the color balance. It is recommended to add bright touches to upholstery, curtains and soft pillows. Several frames with a family photo can be hung on plastered walls. Floor vases on parquet or high-quality tiles, crystal lamps and glass candlesticks will recreate the Palace luxury.


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