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Terrible decisions in interior design.

2023-08-03 12:44:38

Terrible decisions in interior design mistakes

    Interior design is the art of creating an attractive and functional indoor environment. However, as in any art, mistakes are possible, which can lead to unsuccessful and unpleasant results. Some terrible solutions in interior design include:

1. Congestion: Too much decor, furniture and accessories can create an impression of disorder and an unpleasant feeling of "congestion". This can make it difficult to move indoors and cause a feeling of discomfort.

2. The use of inappropriate colors: The wrong choice of colors for walls, furniture and accessories can make the interior inconsistent and unpleasant to the eye.

3. Incorrect illumination: Insufficient or excessive lighting can greatly affect the overall perception of the room. Dark and poorly lit corners can give the impression of a depressing environment.

4. Mismatch of style: Mixing incompatible design styles can look weird and awkward. It is important to adhere to a single style and a holistic concept.

5. Low-quality materials: The use of expensive and low-quality materials can lead to rapid wear and deterioration of the appearance of the interior.

6. Incorrect placement of furniture: Incorrect placement of furniture can reduce the convenience and functionality of the room. For example, furniture may be positioned in such a way that it is difficult to access doors or windows.

7. Ignoring functionality: When designing interiors, it is important to take into account the needs and habits of the users of the room. Ignoring functionality can lead to inconvenience and inefficient use of space.

8. Poor acoustics: Lack of sound insulation or improper distribution of sound-absorbing materials can lead to poor acoustics in the room.

9. Excess of dark colors: The use of dark shades on the walls or in the decoration can make the room depressing and gloomy.

10. Lack of personality: Too standard and generally accepted design can give the impression of a lack of individuality and uniqueness of the interior.

    To avoid these terrible mistakes in interior design, it is recommended to contact a professional designer who will help create a harmonious and attractive space, taking into account your needs and preferences.


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