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2023-07-28 14:36:13

Apartments with low ceilings can be caused by various reasons, for example, architectural features of the building, building restrictions, perhaps it is an old building or reconstruction.Low ceilings can create some problems and limitations:

Feeling cramped: Low ceilings can cause a feeling of tightness and tightness, especially if the rooms are small.

Limitation in decorative possibilities: Suspended chandeliers, projecting lamps and other decorative elements may be limited due to insufficient height.

Ventilation: Low ceilings can impair indoor air circulation, leading to possible ventilation problems.

Furniture problems: High cabinets or bookshelves may not fit in rooms with low ceilings.

Lighting difficulties: The use of floor lamps or other low light sources may be limited.

Several ways to cope with the feeling of a low ceiling:

1. Use light colors: Light shades on the walls and ceiling can give the impression of a larger space.

2. Mirrors: Placing mirrors on the walls can create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

3. Smart Lighting: Choose lighting that creates uniform light and does not create dark corners.

4. Low furniture and decor: Choose furniture and decor with low profiles so as not to create an additional feeling of crowding.

5. Remove the hanging elements: If possible, avoid using large hanging lights or ceiling fans.

6. Remove unnecessary partitions: If possible, combine the rooms to create a more open plan.

If this is your property and you want to solve the problem with a low ceiling, then it is possible to consider redevelopment options, but this may require appropriate permission and consultation with professionals. In the case of a rented apartment, it may be worth contacting the owner or the management company to discuss possible options for improving the space.The main disadvantages of a low ceiling are Many people trying to overcome the feeling of a low ceiling on their own. In order to understand which of the problems that arise in this case are of primary importance and by which methods it is better to achieve the impression of spaciousness, let's consider the main weaknesses of a low ceiling: the presence of visual appeal when, with constant concentration of vision on closely placed objects, there are problems with vision; the appearance of difficulties when installing stretch or suspended ceilings. The low-placed suspended ceiling looks strange and clumsy, despite its beauty and attractiveness; when installing the second tier of the bed, it may be located too close to the ceiling. If such furniture is needed, it is necessary to specify in advance when ordering a lower location of the second tier; not every type of lighting is suitable for the room, for example, a hanging chandelier cannot be placed in such a room. The main points that require thorough study when designing apartments with low ceilings are not only a visual increase in volume, but also careful work with light, decor, furniture.What to avoid when decorating a room with a low ceiling Often friends and neighbors try to apply different ways of decorating rooms with low ceilings. It is well known that excess is the enemy of small rooms, therefore, when arranging such a room, such techniques as: do not hang curtains with lambrequins, which are appropriate for spacious living rooms, high bedrooms or offices, should be avoided. Using them in rooms with a low ceiling creates the impression that the owner of the house has no sense of proportion, he is a supporter of everything excessive and superfluous; do not install massive furniture (bulky wardrobe, oversized sofa, etc.), which visually clutters up an already low room. As a result, there is a desire to quickly get rid of unnecessary items; do not use hanging chandeliers and moldings, volumetric lamps with many lampshades, which have the property of making the ceiling even lower; do not use excessive decor on the walls (photos, souvenirs, paintings and pictures), cluttering up the space of the room.


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