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Barbecue zone - interior design

2023-08-08 12:28:29

Arranging a barbecue area with your own hands is an interesting and creative process that allows you to create a comfortable place for cooking and outdoor recreation. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

1. Planning and design:

Determine the place for the barbecue. Take into account the safe distance from buildings and other objects.

Design a barbecue area. Consider the size of the barbecue, table and rest space.

Materials and tools:

2. Barbecue: you can buy ready-made or made of bricks, metal, etc.

Building materials: bricks, cement, sand, etc.

Tools: shovel, cutting machine, hammer, spatula, etc.

3. Furniture: tables, chairs or benches.

Place preparation:

Clear the selected area of debris and vegetation.

Level the surface and create a foundation for the barbecue and tables.

4. Building a barbecue:

If you make a barbecue from bricks, build walls, taking into account the thickness of the walls and the holes for gorenje.

If you use a ready-made metal grill, create a solid and stable base for it.

5. Construction of tables and seats:

Tables and seats can be made of wood, stone or metal.

Consider the size and comfort of the furniture. Tables usually have a height of about 75 cm.

6. Roof installation (optional):

If you want to protect the barbecue from rain and sun, you can install a simple roof.

Use waterproof materials.

7. Decoration and decor:

Paint the barbecue and furniture, if required, in high-temperature resistant paints.

Add decorative elements, such as flower beds, lamps, etc.

8. Arrangement of the site:

Lay out paths of stones or slabs to avoid dirt under your feet.

Think about placing plants for comfort and greenery.

9. Security:

Make sure that the grill is installed steadily and at a safe distance from combustible materials.

Ensure good ventilation of the grill.

10. Tune in to rest and enjoy!

After the work is completed, prepare delicious food and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the barbecue area.

Remember that the process of arranging the barbecue area can be creative and adapted to your preferences. It is also important to observe safety and be guided by the sense of practicality and comfort when choosing materials and design.


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